Team Experience & Expertise

Chady Elias

Chady has close to 20 years of Tax Accounting experience, and throughout he has built up a very expansive client portfolio with clients ranging from Café Owners to Builders and Developers, all of differing size, whether it is the sole trader to Complex Company structures. Chady adopts a very hands-on approach with his clients, and assists with solutions in not only accounting matters, but also on finance, legal and day to day management of the business. A significant portion of Chady’s clientele is associated to the Building Industry, and as a result, Chady has spent a considerable amount of time and resources acquiring comprehensive knowledge in Development and Construction Law, Insurance and Finance. Chady also works in conjunction with his Associated Company in Dubai, Crown CSD. Crown CSD assists clients in professional matters all over the Middle East, specialising in Tax Advisory, Financial Advice, and Legal Advice. Furthermore with Crown CSD, Chady is able to assist clients based in Australia with matters pertaining to their business or assets in the Middle East and vice versa.

Jerry Kekatos

Non-Executive Director
Jerry has been practicing for over 35 years. He has a diverse client portfolio located across all of NSW including Canberra, as well as clients from a multitude of industries. Jerry adopts a very client-centric approach to his work, and always provides advice and guidance to best further his clients in their goals and ambitions. Furthermore, Jerry has incredibly extensive knowledge of effective and legal tax minimisation strategies for all entities as well as tax effective concessions. Jerry’s wealth of experience spans further than just Tax Accounting. Jerry also possesses abundant knowledge regarding pre-insolvency, having dealt with and overseen many cases with clients of different industries and size. Furthermore, Jerry also works closely with private lending as well as brokers for the major banks, allowing Jerry and his client’s access to numerous avenues of funding that will best serve their respective situations and needs

Kushal Patel

Kushal has a very practical approach to his accounting, and works very closely with his clients ensuring that both client and accountant are on the same page. Furthermore, Kushal has a very in-depth understanding of all facets of Tax Accounting, garnering experience from the wide array of clients coming from all industry types, and of all sizes, from sole traders to companies with revenue exceeding $100 million.

Arun Chand

Arun has over 15 years of experience to his name, having worked in both Public and Private Accounting Practices. Arun has a very keen eye for attention to detail, and very rigourous in his approach to Tax Compliance. Furthermore, Arun has a very comprehensive knowledge base regarding Superannuation, and its various changes, to which there are many each year.

Rohit Chand

Senior Accountant
Rohit has been working in accounting for more than 10 years, in both Public and Private Accounting practices, as well as a teaching role too. He is meticulous in his approach to his work, and possesses comprehensive knowledge of legislation, and furthermore, he has the practical experience and execution backing his knowledge.